DOJ Refuses to Appear for Hearing: Will Conyers Ask DOJ to Compel Itself to Appear?

So, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on abuse of the “state secrets” privilege and asked someone from the Department of Justice to appear and testify. The DOJ told Conyers, not exactly in these words, to go Cheney himself. Now, given that a member of Congress would need a spine surgically implanted before taking the obvious step of sending the Capitol Police to pick up a witness, any witness, for example Jay Bybee, Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice, or the groping Judge from Texas who’s being impeached (WHY oh WHY couldn’t Cheney have groped somebody??), and given that every committee either blows off noncompliance or asks the DOJ to handle it or takes it to court, what are the chances of DOJ being compelled to comply with the “invitation” to talk about the practice of claiming “state secrets”? And what are the chances of the branch of government that craves absolute power voluntarily complying with the unwanted requests of the branch the craves subservience and humiliation? Let’s face it: the Capitol Police exist only to lock up protesters, and the protesters are protesting a body with no power and no desire to fight for power.

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