Democrats Inadvertently Admit That They Could Reduce Military Spending If They Wanted To

Democrats in the House of Representatives are threatening to derail the current military spending bill if it includes restrictions on abortion rights. Good for them. Glad to hear it.

But by doing this, they are demonstrating what we might have figured out ourselves all along. If they wanted to reduce military spending instead of jacking it up by additional mountains of cash each and every year, a group of them could threaten to vote No unless it was reduced. They never do that. They never even try to do that. Not one single lone Democrat ever even says publicly that they should do that.

Last time, a bunch of them withheld their votes until Manchin’s oil deal was removed. A grand total of zero of them proposed that they do the same until the amount of spending was reduced rather than increased.

I wouldn’t object to them claiming they favor military spending reductions, I wouldn’t object to them introducing pointless and hopeless bills and amendments in a show of favoring military spending reductions, if they actually tried to reduce military spending by withholding their votes on every procedural vote on which they might win. But they won’t do that, will they? Because they care about abortion rights, but they do not care about peace or about anything at all good or useful or lifesaving that might be done with the trillion dollars they are about to dump into the war machine.

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