Democratic Party Backs Cheating, Lying, and Stealing

The Democratic Party, led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz openly rigged its primary system to nominate Hillary Clinton. People who managed to doubt that must now avoid reading the DNC’s Nixonian emails with their plots to expose Bernie Sanders as an atheist, push false stories about Bernie delegates throwing chairs, etc.

So the Democrats have decided to not let Wasserman Schultz speak at their convention, and to slightly modify their antidemocratic super delegates system so that beginning four years from now two-thirds of them will be expected to vote in line with the actual voters of their states.

Here’s what a real reform would look like: Require that beginning this week any delegate or superdelegate who objects to being used as a pawn in the pretense of democracy switch their vote from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.

Moving ahead with the Hillary Clinton nomination while altering the mechanisms by which future primaries will be rigged is not a solution. It’s an insult and an open admission that lying, cheating, and stealing are acceptable.

Any delegate to the DNC this week who votes for Clinton is voting for corruption and, by the very logic of Clinton’s own lesser-evilist, I-am-not-a-Trump campaign ads, is voting for Trump. Polls have repeatedly found Sanders to be a stronger candidate against Trump than Clinton is.

Trump is already using the rigged nature of Hillary Clinton’s nomination against her. Anyone who chooses to run her against him can forever shut their mouth about lesser evilism and the need not to vote for a truly decent candidate like Jill Stein.

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