Dear Chairman Conyers

I really hate to bring this up, but do you recall the many times you told us that you couldn’t uphold your oath of office and impeach Bush and Cheney because you were focused on electing Obama? Maybe you understood the problem with that from the start. If not, I’m guessing it’s dawning on you. If he was not a candidate who would be helped by enforcing the rule of law and upholding checks on the imperial presidency, then what reason might there be to think he would be a president who would enforce the law and give up powers that now belong to him?

So, here you are with the new guy refusing to enforce your subpoenas, telling his Justice Department how to avoid justice, telling you that random criminals can absurdly claim “executive privilege” even for things they themselves claim the executive had nothing to do with, openly admitting that his concern is for the power of the presidency, and letting you know in pretty clear terms where you can stick it. Of course, our founders envisioned presidents who would push to expand the powers of the presidency. What they never contemplated was you. You and your colleagues. They never imagined a Congress that wouldn’t enforce its own subpoenas, wouldn’t impeach anyone, wouldn’t get up off its knees to push back against the other branches to assert its strength as the first and most powerful branch of the government.

Checks and balances, Chairman Conyers, not checks and more checks and an ass whooping. Please stand up and be a hero and instruct the Seargent at Arms to lock Karl Rove up until he answers the questions of the House Judiciary Committee.

We’d appreciate it.


David Swanson

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