Dan Crenshaw Sounds Like a Propagandist for Mass Murder

What is more sick about U.S. society?

1) It’s totally 100% acceptable to make cruel stupid jokes about people’s appearance.

2) There’s an exception. You shouldn’t do it if the thing you’re making fun of relates to their participation in mass murder.

3) Violation of that exception is such a sin that you must publicly repent and grovel.

4) This is true even if the sin was committed on a steadfastly unfunny and unintelligent television program that nobody watches.

5) The repentance is incomplete without declaring the participant in mass murder to be a “war hero.”

6) You also must promote militarism in general and instruct the audience to honor participants in mass murder with meaningless phrases like “never forget.”

7) You can claim to find heart-warming unity around mass-murder operations and have not a single campaign launched to remove a single one of your advertisers.

8) Only if the entire charade carefully omits any description of how one gets to be a “war hero” and does forget — always forgets — all of the following can it be truly redemptive:

The Afghan government was willing to turn over Bin Laden to trial in a third country.

He was never tried or convicted of anything.

He was later killed elsewhere, but the war didn’t pause.

Most people in Afghanistan have never even heard of 9/11.

War is illegal.

Afghanistan is hellishly worse off than ever.

The war on terrorism has predictably and steadily increased terrorism.

U.S. commanders of the war have said it should be ended the moment after they left that position and have called the war and various aspects of the war counterproductive for many years now.

Candidate Trump said the war should be ended.

The war has murdered hundreds of thousands of people.

The war makes people all over the world despise the United States.

The people who make Saturday Night Live would make IEDs instead if some foreign force occupied Manhattan.

They’ll probably do something dumber than that when Manhattan goes underwater.

The war has cost the United States trillions of dollars.

A tiny fraction of that could have ended starvation on earth or provided actual aid on a scale to make the United States the most loved country in the world.

The war has had a devastating impact on the natural environment in Afghanistan and globally.

We’ve lost many freedoms, justified by this mass-murderous crime for “freedom!”

Veterans of the war are disproportionately represented in the recent crop of mass-shooters.

We don’t have to say “U.S. mass shooters” because that’s basically redundant.

People who try to flee Afghanistan and other hells the U.S. creates are the same people liberals have at least mixed emotions about under the name “immigrants.”

The Saturday Night Live studio audience was conspicuously silent during the most warmongering remarks.

One line would have garnered more applause than the past season of the show: “End the fucking war.”

5 thoughts on “Dan Crenshaw Sounds Like a Propagandist for Mass Murder”

  1. i guess i have to go to you tube to see what you are talking about- i support David to the max but could not join – google was required- send him money so he can hire some one to personally respond to stuff?

  2. i think snl is ;pretty funny- otherwise commentary is good- to have military vets in congress is despicable- we should elect peace movement vets to congress and thank them for their service- not persons like crenshaw- he and his fellow marines turn into mass murderers when they come back- think mcveigh, muhammed, thug in Ventura

  3. Mark J. Novitsky

    “War is a racket” – 2-time Medal of Honor Recipient Marine Brigadier General Smedley Darlington Butler – And now 30 Senior Barack Obama officials confessed / “apologized” to War Crimes / Genocide in Yemen with Saudi Arabia and UAE. So now what? The DOJ makes a HUGE deal whenever some 92 year old low-level Nazi prison guard is caught in some US city… but all you have to do is watch the Sunday Morning Propaganda shows to identify War Criminals who did far worse talking up MORE WARS and getting PAID! Madeline Albright 60 Minutes – “We think the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it.” – Let that sink in… when you complain about what / who? Russia-gate? Peace. Mark J. Novitsky

  4. Mark J. Novitsky

    Let’s call Veteran’s Day by either its original name “Armistice Day” or its real name “CIA, GE, Northrup Grumman, Halliburton, Blackwater, Raytheon, JPM, Goldman Sachs Day” – And teh “Defense Department” the “WAR DEPARTMENT” – Blue Light Special on Cruise Missiles on aisle 4! — Peace. Mark J. Novitsky

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