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David Swanson, author of WAR IS A LIE brings us up to date on Bradley Manning, the 23 yr old Am. soldier who is still being tortured and held in solitary by the Marines for revealing American killings of innocent civilians. Is Bush’s secret government still in place?

Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause fills us in on the petition it filed with the US Justice Dept. to investigate Supreme Ct. Justices Scalia and Thomas. Should they have recused themselves in the case involving the Citizens United decision which gave corporations free reign in funding elections. Both Justices have attended retreats organized by conservative financier Charles Koch whose company operates a foundation that is a major contributor to right wing political advocacy groups.

(Since it handed Bush the presidency in 2000 the US Supreme Ct. has been assuming unprecedented power. How long will we tolerate the myth that the Supreme Ct. is above politics? It is about to interfere with the Healtcare Bill. Will it again assume veto powers on a partisan basis? Is it obsolete as an institution? Does it interfere with our democracy rather than enhance it?)

Israeli peace activist Jeff Halper, director of ICAHD, Israeli (Com. Against House Demolitions) joins us. He describes what he & his followers consider the only remaining path to peace in the middle East. For more info on his events in L.A. this week go to

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