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Ted Rall makes wonderful cartoons:










And columns. (Go read some.)

And videos:

And, now, books:

This is a very strange book, at least for someone who doesn’t tend to read serious stories written as comic strips, or anything else written as comic strips.  It’s growing on me, and I think I’ll enjoy reading it again, but I think I would have enjoyed the first reading more had the author not recounted almost the whole plot in the foreword.  So, I won’t say much about the plot here, and I recommend treating the foreword as an afterword.

Then I recommend imagining you had never read a novel before or heard a song before or watched a movie before.  In other words, try to be more open than I was at first to all things being done in an odd medium, so that the seriousness works as well as the funny parts.

You can read this in the time it takes to watch a television program, in which — of course — nothing works at all.



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