Cold Type Reader: Issue 22 Is Out

Issue 22:

68 Pages: Sore Losermen, Virgin or Slut, Rigged!, Globalisation: Theirs or Ours?, Are Americans ‘Better Than That’?, Absolving Baseball’s Owners, A Hunger for Books, Burger King and the Tomato Growers, Passing Around the Painted Pig, Just Another Peace Scare, The City that Said ‘No’ to America, Qaddafi, Paris and Hypocrites, Liberalisation to Murdochracy, Is Bush Stopped in His Tracks on Iran?, The Night I Learned Whose Side I Was On, Politicising Gaza’s Misery, Justifying Murder.

Writers: David Michael Green, Courtney E. Martin, George Monbiot, Susan Rosenthal, Ray McGovern, Dave Zirin, Doris Lessing, Sam Pizzigati, Hal O’Boyle, William Blum, David Swanson, Barry Lando, John Pilger, Chris Hedges, Michael Prysner, Ramzy Baroud, Eli Stephens

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