Cindy Speaks to Roaring Crowd

Cindy Sheehan just spoke and said she’d finally figured out what the noble cause was. Bush, she said, wants to kill more American soldiers because he’s already killed so many. That’s the reason.

When Bush started this war, Cindy said, he said “You’re with us or you’re against us.” Well, Cindy said, Mr. President, WE’RE AGAINST YOU!

Cindy also spoke to the members of the media who have been smearing her and her family. “Smear away,” she shouted, “because we’re not going away!”

How many more, Cindy asked, have to die for lies? For giving those who have too much power more power?

Cindy led a roaring crowd in a chant of: NOT ONE MORE!

For every person here, Cindy said, there are 1,000 more who want to end this war.

She described coming out her the first day and sleeping in a ditch without a flashlight. She thought, she said, that only someone as dim as Bush would have chosen this place for a vacation home. But since then the people of the area have been wonderful, she said, and “my perceptions of Texas have changed.”

The crowd, largely from Texas, cheered like mad.

Bush, Cindy said, now lives in a green zone. The road past this camp is the road from Baghdad to the airport. But Bush won’t drive out because he’s afraid to face people who disagree with him. “He didn’t even know there WERE people who disagree with him until we came to Crawford to ruin his vacation.”

Bush is going golfing in Arizona, and then to San Diego, Cindy said. “Follow him. Ask him what the noble cause is. Ask him why soldiers have to die just because other soldiers died!”

(Excuse spelling errors, we’re now singing “This Little Light of Mine.”)

And now the BBQ is about to commence. Joan Baez is back on stage to kick us off with a song: JOE HILL, Cindy’s favorite song.

I’ve got chills, and it’s not from the weather.


And now Russel Means is on stage.

Means spoke in support of matriarchy and said that patriarchy had proven for 6,000 years that it is incapable of leadership. “Every empire has crumbled from within. You are participating in the crumbling of this empire!”

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