Christmas Truce

Remember the Christmas Truces. Go forth and do likewise!

A Christmas truce letter is here.

And here’s a script that turns the above letter into a play that can be performed on Christmas by anyone who likes: PDF.

Here’s an account from someone who was there: Bullets and Billets.

Eyewitness account from Frank Richards.

Here’s Belleau Wood lyrics by Joe Henry and Garth Brooks.

Here’s Christmas in the Trenches lyrics by John McCutcheon, and videos below.

Here is a 2-page document with lyrics to the two songs: PDF.

There’s a movie too:


StarGerman and British soldiers fraternize – Christmas 1914

The above photo is from this collection of information on the Christmas Truce.

The last known survivor of the 1914 no-man’s-land football died on July 22nd, 2001, aged 106: Bertie Felstead.

There were also Christmas truces in 1915 and 1916.

A poem: The Christmas Truce of 1914 Seen from 2014.

How to sing Silent Night in various languages.


Snoopy’s Christmas lyrics.

The Open Christmas Letter.

What Christmas Owes to Abolitionists.

Much more on Christmas Truce from Veterans For Peace: here.

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