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For the holidays this year, give your loved ones some TRUTH:

Camp Democracy lasted for 18 days this past fall; 18 days of workshops, press conferences, education, and actions. Some of the highlights have been captured in a 45-minute documentary. You and your friends and family can listen to the wisdom of Howard Zinn, Jeff Cohen, Elizabeth Holtzman, Col. Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Iraq War vets, Iraq War resisters, Hurricane Katrina survivors, and many more. Watch the Bush Crimes Commission verdict being delivered to the White House and hear a panel of experts lay out the case for impeachment. See Helga Aguayo tell the story of her husband’s refusal to serve in Iraq. Camp Democracy can continue to educate and engage those newly awakened to the issues before us; those who were there can remember the lessons learned. Read more about the DVD.

Purchase the DVD. They’re $17 each. The cost of shipping and handling is included.

Save by Puchasing DVD Together With a Book

You can save money by ordering the Camp Democracy DVD together with “The Canary in the Coalmine” by Jesselyn Radack, a compelling and shocking new book recounting the struggle of a young Department of Justice lawyer to compel her superiors to obey the U.S. Constitution. Learn more about the book.

Purchase the book alone for $24.95, including shipping:

Or save $9.00 by purchasing the DVD and the book for $32.95, shipping included:

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