Bush Defines Himself as Threat to World

By David Swanson

In the face of a new NIE that shatters his and Cheney’s lies about Iranian nukes, Bush is now claiming that just knowing how to make a bomb is a danger to the world that could justify an illegal war and even the USE of the bomb. This insanity fits perfectly with the bill now making its way through the Senate that would make the promotion of belief systems that could lead to “violence or force” punishable by McCarthyite commission hearings and fear mongering. (HR 1955 already passed the House with almost the same majority that the Enabling Act passed in Germany in 1933.)

But here’s the problem. Remember when James Risen published his book that included the illegal spying story, thus forcing the New York Times to finally print his article or get scooped by his book? Well, the New York Times has yet to print a number of stories from that book that are just as stunning. One of them is an account of how the CIA gave Iran plans to build a nuke. Only they inserted some mistakes in the plans first. The idea (which our hero Valerie Plame believes was brilliant to this day) was that this would slow the Iranians down. What our $40 billion geniuses didn’t realize was that Iranian nuclear scientists are… nuclear scientists. The mistakes stood out like sore thumbs. Sort of like how George W. Bush stands out among world leaders.

Impeach this idiot now!

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