Brian Franklin Reviews Daybreak

By Brian Franklin

In the fight for accountability, there are many whose actions have failed to live up to their rhetoric. It is one thing to believe this country is worth fighting for, and yet another to actually spend time fighting.

As someone who worked for Congressman Wexler’s campaign and his push for impeachment hearings, I can attest to David’s fighting spirit and breadth of knowledge. His comprehensive understanding of the supporting evidence – coupled with a singular clarity of the legislative process and players – made him an vital resource.

There are surely plenty of people who disagree with him on Impeachment and/or his approach, but few that have been witness to his dedication, or have heard him speak in defense of the rule of law, could reasonably question his commitment to basic principles of justice and our constitution.

This book not only outlines the broad effort to hold our leaders accountable for their actions (and in some cases, inaction) – but it serves as a guide to understanding how today’s activists can still find their voice heard (and force movement) despite the complex political dynamics that govern today’s government.

One side note – whether or not you’re an impeachment advocate or simply interested in political science, the notes section alone (and its rich collection of sources and links) make this book a must-have.

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