Book Breakout on September 1st

"Daybreak offers a powerful and compelling picture of what real change in America could look like. The world needs more true advocates of democracy like David Swanson!" — Thom Hartmann, Author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight 

Many more people could be made aware of this new book were it at the top of the rankings on One way we can put it there is for everyone to purchase the book from Amazon on the same day, Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

Sign up on this website and we’ll remind you by Email on September 1st. Then buy the book. And buy one for a library, one for a friend, one for a relative, another for your Congress member, two for your senators. But buy them on on September 1st!

"David Swanson’s masterful exposure of the emergence of a monarch-like president coupled with an effete, irresponsible, and constitutionally ignorant Congress is well worth the price of admission. An aroused public with a litmus test of honoring the Constitution is urgently needed to prevent the Republic from capsizing." — Bruce Fein, Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan

Swanson will be discussing the book and signing it at events around the country.  If you buy a book from Amazon on 9/1/09 and bring it to an event he’ll sign it.

Book Tour 2009:

Aug. 30 Maryland
Sept. 1 Charlotte, NC
Sept. 3 Charlottesville, VA
Sept. 6 Kent, OH
Sept. 7 somewhere in Ohio
Sept. 8 Cleveland , OH
Sept. 9 Columbus, OH
Sept. 10 Toledo, OH
Sept. 13 Washington, DC
Sept. 16 Kansas
Sept. 17 Kansas City, MO
Sept. 18 Oklahoma City, OK
Sept. 19 Dallas, TX
Sept. 27 Fire Dog Lake Book Salon
Oct. 3 Washington, D.C.,
Oct. 9, 10, 11 Albuquerque, Santa Fe, & Taos, N.M.
Oct. 12, 13 Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL
Oct. 14 Miami, FL
Oct. 15 Orlando, FL 
Nov. 3 Philadelphia PA
Nov. 4 Kutztown, PA
Nov. 5 Bangor, ME
Nov. 6 Portland, ME
Nov. 7 M’s Vineyard, MA
Nov. 19 Davis, CA
Nov. 20, Nevada City, CA
Nov. 21, Fresno and Fair Oaks, CA
Nov. 22, Bay Area, CA
Nov. 23, Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 24, Orange County, CA

Jan. 6 Portland, OR
Jan. 13 Santa Rosa, CA
Jan. 14, 15 San Diego, CA
Jan. 16 Ventura, CA
Feb. 21 Woodstock, NY

"Daybreak is an eyeopener about how our nation was hijacked by the Bush administration and how much repair work we, as citizens, must do. David Swanson, who has been a one-man wonder leading the charge for accountability, writes a compelling narrative that inspires not just outrage, but ACTION." — Medea Benjamin, CoFounder of Code Pink and Global Exchange

"David Swanson is the most thoughtful, determined, and energetic progressive activist in America, and one of the most important voices of his generation. He’s also a unique bridge between traditional real-world organizing and the brand new world of online activism. His combination of cheerful organizing, passionate speaking, and brilliant blogging is an inspiration to everyone who craves a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world." — Bob Fertik, President of

"In this important book, David Swanson carefully documents the myriad ways in which Bush-Cheney has amassed unprecedented imperial power, while Congress has abdicated its constitutional duty to check and balance the executive. A useful guide to restore the balance of powers and reclaim our constitutional system of government." — Marjorie Cohn, President of National Lawyers Guild

"If Tom Jefferson were with us today, he would be saying that we still must burst the chains of monkish ignorance and superstition and break the bindings that strangle our liberty. But Jefferson – like Paine – is gone. So it falls to another from Virginia to sound the signal for a rising on behalf of the republic and our own freedom. That man is David Swanson, and this remarkable book is his – and America’s – call to arms." — John Nichols, from the Introduction

"Our times cry out for a smart, witty and courageous Populist who hasn’t forgotten how to play offense. Luckily we have David Swanson." — Mike Ferner, National President of Veterans For Peace, author of "Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran For Peace Reports from Iraq."

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