"Blood and Oil" an Important Film to See and Share

“Blood and Oil” is a very, very well made film that will show you something new even if you already know that – as Dubya admits – the United States is addicted to oil, even if you know the deal that FDR cut with the king of Saudi Arabia on February 14, 1945 (and have already seen the film footage of them meeting on a US ship accompanied by the king’s slaves and astrologers), even if you know the openly oily basis of the Truman Doctrine, the Eisenhower Doctrine, the Nixon Doctrine, the Carter Doctrine, and Reagan’s Persian Gulf policies, the origins of Centcom, and the oily panic of Bush I (who finally established that the policy of blood for oil would be hushed up and disguised by phony war justifications), even if you know that Bush I’s reneging on his promise to leave Saudi Arabia after driving the Iraqis out of Kuwait turned Osama bin Laden into an enemy of the United States, even if you’ve followed the crimes of Cheney-Bush and the establishment of Africom, even if you have been screaming against war for oil since before Shock and Awe.

Get this film and host an event showing it!


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