Audio: KPFK Lila Garrett and David Swanson on Healthcare

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We’ll talk with David Swanson (author of new Amazon best seller DAYBREAK) about the battle between those who favor the Public Option in Healthcare and the stalwarts for Single Payer. How should Progressives handle this split in their ranks to keep the right from using it to their advantage?

And an interesting challenge is starting to gain momentum in New York. Union leader Jonathan Tassini has announced his 2010 campaign to unseat Blue Dog Democrat, NY Senator Kristin Gillibrand. She was the pro-gun, pro-war, anti-choice selection of NY Gov. Patterson to replace Hillary Clinton. Tassini challenged Clinton in 2004. He did pretty well. Now that he’s better known what are his chances?

Is public education about to become a thing of the past? If the Charter School craze continues it could happen. Endless standardized testing and one size fits all teaching have become epidemic. Corporate sponsorship and military takeover are common. (In Chicago for instance, 8 schools have been taken over by the military). What happens if kids have special needs, or are just “different”. Do they get left in the dust? Is the goal of a fair and equal education for all about to become nostalgia along with other great programs like gun control and non-profit healthcare? The LA School Board just voted to turn 250 LA public Schools into charter schools. According to the Teachers Union and educators Arlene Inouye and Rosemary Lee this means privatization, pure and simple. Will corporations and the military profit as a result? If so, why is Mayor Villaraigosa so supportive of it?

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