Audio: Karen Kwiatkowski and David Swanson on Cindy Sheehan's Radio Show

From Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

Against robbery: unity of “opposites”  – March 13, 2011 (SOAPBOX #90) – Cindy brings you “two-fers” featuring 1) “conservative” Karen Kwiatowski, a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency.  (There’s also another good biography of her on the web here, from Source Watch.)  Next, she brings you 2) “the left,” represented by our old good web buddy, David Swanson, the author of two (2!) books: Undoing the Imperial Presidency, plus his latest, War is a Lie.  Karen’s archives can be found at Lew Rockell.  What fascinated me the most was how eloquently these two vastly different personalities shared the heart of their vision, namely their dedication the TRUTH, and the way both despise politically-motivated lies presented as “truth.”  Gee; they even made me feel that maybe; just maybe – there are people out here who care about actual truth!  (What a concept!  Wow!)  If so, then maybe there’s still hope for humanity.  Karen had MUCH to say on “intelligence” and its politicization.  David noted revolutionary organizations cannot only align with Democrats when they oppose Republicans.  Why is organized labor in such deep horse excrement today?  Anyone think it just might be related to the fact that the Labor Movement never went after the Democrats when they failed to put the Employee Free-Choice Act through, when the Democrats were elected to do it – and had the power to do it?  You can’t win without an offense and you can’t have an offense if you’re subservient to a party that’s the lesser of two evils.  (That lesser’s still evil, folks.)  Today it’s like pulling teeth to seek honesty out of groups who see dedication to the Democratic Party as part of their agenda.  Example: the fictitious “cuts” to the military budget that actually represents its increase.  But I’ve said ENOUGH here.  And anyway, David speaks far better for himself than I can.   Please use the link above, to listen to Karen and David!

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