AUDIO: 2006 Mid Term Election Primer with David Swanson of

Talk Nation Radio for Thursday October 26, 2006

David Swanson of Progressive Democrats of America joins for a discussion about how to get ready for election day. Can you volunteer? What web sites are best for monitoring the vote? Where to get your news? And what issues must we know about?

David Swanson has been updating web pages and getting information out about the candidates and the issues. He touches on the most important topics and takes a few chances on guessing what October Surprise might be in store for us. Could it have something to do with the Hussein trial?

Go to and look up either by name, “2006 Mid Term Election Primer with David Swanson of” or Talk Nation Radio or go to:

David Swanson gives us a snapshot of key elections issues for 2006 — from voting machines to contesting a vote. What’s important and where.

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