Ask Holder to Appoint a Special Prosecutor

Attorney General Eric Holder is considering whether to prosecute torture. He shouldn’t consider it. He should appoint a special prosecutor and let him or her consider whether torturing people violates our laws against torture. You can ask Holder to do this at: 202-514-2001 or

More from Brad. And here Greenwald reacts to indications in WaPo that special prosecutor would treat lawyers’ illegal torture memos as law and prosecute only those who exceeded (or preceded?) what was illegally authorized by those memos. This sounds worse than it is, because when you stop and look at it: we don’t know of a single instance of torture that did not exceed what the memos “allowed”, but this would immunize the lawyers and the top officials who told the lawyers what to pretend to legalize and then ordered that those crimes be committed. This is one rule of law for the powerful (none at all) and another for others. This is “bad apples” on steroids even if they find a whole rotten orchard.

On the other hand, Scott Horton thinks the targets for prosecution would be the lawyers. Who knows. We need to demand consideration for prosecution EVERYONE who broke laws.

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