Ask Conyers to Let Kucinich Present Impeachment Proposals to Judiciary Committee

On Thursday Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who had already introduced 3 articles of impeachment against Cheney and 35 against Bush introduced a single article of impeachment against Bush charging him with misleading Congress into a war on Iraq. Also on Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the media that she expected the Judiciary Committee to consider the matter. And Kucinich held a press conference at which he said that what he wants is an opportunity to present his proposals to the Judiciary Committee.

Let’s make sure that Committee Chairman John Conyers grants this request. Phone him now at 202-225-3951. Post here what he tells you.

If you’re able to speak with Conyers or his staff at any length, please remind them that Bush and Cheney and members of their administration are refusing to comply with numerous subpoenas and even contempt citations, as well as refusing to answer questions by claiming “executive privilege.” During an impeachment hearing, there is no executive privilege. The Judiciary Committee should hold an impeachment hearing of Bush and Cheney on refusal to comply with oversight. It’s the fastest way to justice and the only chance of establishing any oversight.

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