Apologies to Norway

To my friends and cousins in Norway:

Your former prime minister was abused in the way that thousands of people are by my government — mine because my great grandparents abandoned your relatively civilized land for this one.

I am deeply sorry and apologize on behalf of the United States. Please forgive it. It knows not what it does.

This happened at an airport named for a criminal. It happens all the time, all over the United States, but people are starting to resist it. There are big protests that you’ll have to send your own reporters to see. The U.S. media won’t inform you.

If you’d like to see dangerous trends reversed in the United States, you can help. Stop buying U.S. weapons. Stop collaborating with NATO. Start giving the Nobel Peace Prize to actual peace advocates.
We cannot do this alone. And when we go down, we bring the world along.


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