Al Gore Comments on "Do Not Concede" Letter to Obama

By David Swanson

Former Vice President, and the man elected president in November 2000, Al Gore was asked on the radio this morning about a letter that Gore Vidal and many others have sent to presidential candidate Barack Obama urging him not to concede a stolen election.

(Read and add your name to the letter here: )

Al Gore, like the rest of us, hopes it doesn’t come to that but discusses his memory of what happened eight years ago. Above all he stresses the need to get out and vote today in huge numbers.

(Listen to the clip of his interview with Nicole Sandler here: )

Gore also advocates a massive green jobs program as a solution to both the climate crisis and the economic crisis. He lists a number of causes of the economic / financial crisis, and includes prominently among them the occupation of Iraq. Perhaps he will be willing to advocate for its speedy end.

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