A Vision for 2050

Drafted in 2002

Completely publicly funded political campaigns.

No private contributions to political candidates, office holders, or parties.

Reasonable access to funding and debates for more than two political parties.

Decreased corporate welfare.

A moratorium on corporate monopolies or mergers that do not benefit competition.

Increased taxation of corporations and the super wealthy.

Decreased military spending.

Decreased spy spending.

Creation of a peace department.

A ban on discrimination due to sex, sexual preference, or perceived cultural background.

A ban on union busting and on “right-to-work” laws.

Investment in small businesses, small farms, small media outlets.

Serious regulation of the lending and insurance industries.

Investment in central cities.

Decreased prison spending.

Provision of competent legal services to all criminal defendants.

Automatic prosecution of police or prosecutors who have violated the rights of the innocent.

Videotaping of all police interrogations.

Decriminalization of drugs.

A ban on all government subsidy and support for unreasonable environmental destruction, including zoning, transportation, transport, military, packaging, and trash and waste disposal policies that do not minimize impact on land, air, and water.

Investment in enviromental preservation, including mass transit and local economies.

A minimum wage that can support a family of four at a reasonable standard of living, and a wage set to automatically increase with the cost of living.

A 40-hour week and a 48-week year.

Investment in affordable housing.

Universal public health care.

Universal public child care.

Universal transportation provision.

Guaranteed Basic Income. [thanks to Karl Widerquist for proposing this item]

Equal and increased funding of all public, and only public, schools.

Institution of a separation of church and state.

Investment in renewable energy.

Investment in democracy abroad.

Increased aid abroad.

A ban on any trade agreements that harm the environment, workers, or public health.

Increased freedom of information.

Increased democratic participation.

Support for open and democratic international government.

A ban on the death penalty.

A ban on torture.

A ban on detention without a charge.

Amnesty for immigrants.

A ban on private ownership of guns.

A ban on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

A ban on hunting and fishing.

Free public college and university tuition to all students of ability.[thanks to David Kearney for proposing this item]

Establishment and enforcement of the right to decide whether to prolong or terminate one’s own life. [thanks to Jan Riemersma for proposing this item]

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