A Tale of Two Milwaukee Radio Hosts

By David Swanson

While supporters of McCain and Palin generally appear to be a lily white mob of vicious imbeciles who shout things like Sit Down Boy! and Keep the White House white!, one black man, a radio host from Milwaukee whom I had never heard of before, James T. Harris, was given the microphone at a John McCain event and proceeded to lay the biggest wettest kiss possible on McCain’s flabby white butt, after which McCain struggled to produce a coherent response.

This disturbs me a little extra, because I just recorded a radio show this morning with the best radio host in the country that I know of, another black man from Milwaukee, Keith Murphy. Every day, you can go to http://theurbanjournal.org and scroll down to the middle of the page. There you’ll find four little links to segments of audio from that evening’s upcoming show. In today’s segment, Keith and I discussed some of the lies the GOP is spreading about ACORN.

What is it with Milwaukee radio hosts? Are they all either wonderful or repulsive?

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