A Peace Blimp: What's That?!

It’s an inspiration, an achievable goal, an organizing tool, and a route around the corporate media cartel: a giant billboard for what we all want but our televisions are afraid to mention.  It’s a project worth supporting!

Peace Blimp

Imagine…a "Peace Blimp"- defiantly displaying a message of peace across the skies of the nation, unable to be dismissed, ignored or brushed aside. Rallies for peace greet the blimp in every city it visits. Politicians, celebrities, movie stars, athletes, war veterans and peace activists make the call to bring our troops home by boarding the blimp for a ride. Crowds flock to the events and are educated about the war. With each stop along the tour the momentum for peace grows from a dull roar into an undeniable fervor until the seemingly endless wars come to an end.

Now, let’s make this a reality.

Please join us this March 20th for the largest online monetary
war protest in history. Our goal is to bring together
100,000 people to donate $10 each (minimum),
creating a one day total of millions to fly the
Peace Blimp until we the people
force our government
to end this war.

Please pledge now by entering your email address on the peace blimp site.
Then spread the word to your friends. Thank you!

Interact with the blimp!

Click the links below to make your suggestions and cast your votes!

What should the blimp say?

Who should ride on the blimp?

Where should the blimp fly?

Blimp vs. War in terms of cost

Cost of the wars = $500,000 per minute ($720 million per day).
Max. estimated cost of blimp w/ rallies to end the war = $50,000 to $350,000 per month.

Which cost would you rather pay?

Help Wanted.

Be a part of the Peace Blimp team. Submit your skills and resume’s here.


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