A Brief Chronology of the Bush-Cheney Impeachment Movement

June 2005 – Ranking minority member John Conyers holds unofficial hearing without subpoena power and is not taken seriously.

December 2005 – Conyers proposes the creation of a special committee to investigate impeachment.

May 2006 – The Republican National Committee baselessly claims talk of impeachment will benefit Republicans, Nancy Pelosi promises never to impeach.

August 2006 – Conyers publishes a lengthy report in which the Judiciary Committee minority staff documents impeachable offenses, including numerous felonies, committed by Bush and Cheney.

November 2006 – With polls showing the public believing that a Democratic Congress will mean impeachment, the public overwhelmingly elects a Democratic Congress.

July 2008 – House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, who still has no subpoena power, holds an unofficial hearing, expects to be taken seriously this time.

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