$5 Friday: SaveTheWildUp.org

For $5 Friday I just gave $5 to http://savethewildup.org

As my friend (and book editor) Crystal Yakacki explains (like many websites, this worthy group’s website does not explain itself to newcomers and just gives the latest developments):

“The UP is the upper peninsula of Michigan, one of the most beautiful places in the world. The native people there, and local neighborhoods, have been trying to protect a sacred site from a mine by Kennecott Eagle that will not only destroy the sacred site, but pollute the river, kill the fish, and possibly impact the Lake Superior shoreline.

“Kennecott has an invalid land lease permit issued by the MDNRE [whatever that it] to Kennecott Minerals, even though Kennecott did not meet the requirements stipulated in the state lease agreement. So long as Kennecott has not yet met the requirements for a UIC permit from the Region 5 EPA or has been released from that obligation by the EPA, the public land should remain open to the public.

“Yet, two Native people were arrested [yesterday] morning, after camping on the site. . . . It would be a big help to them to get some more media coverage. The UP is truly one of the country’s most beautiful wild treasures, and it pains me to see it in danger like this.”

How about some help, people? Show the UP the power of the WWW.

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