$5 Friday: Safeguard the Guard

I know it’s not still Friday. In fact, it’s Monday. I admit that. But Thursday night they funded a war escalation, and Friday was devoted to unsuccessful efforts to point that out to people. The weekend was needed for reviewing what we should have done differently and should next time. So, here it is Monday, and the only logical thing to do is to turn to states, and away from Washington. So, here’s one of the best state-level campaigns, reproducable in almost any state:

Safeguard the Guard is a Wisconsin campaign to enact legal safeguards to protect the members of the Wisconsin National Guard from unlawful deployments. Our efforts are part of the national “Bring the Guard Home” campaign, now active in more than 20 states. Our goal is to honor the members of the Wisconsin Guard and their commitment to our state with a commitment of our own: that they will never again be used in an illegal war.

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