Charlottesville Rally Against War on Iran

Come to a rally against war on Iran at 2pm on Sunday, January 5 at the Federal Building and U.S. District Court on West Main Street in Charlottesville, Va.

The City of Charlottesville is on record opposing war on Iran.

Senator Kaine has introduced a privileged resolution to force a vote on ending it now.

Everyone can email their Senators and Representative.

The case against war is overwhelming.

Over 80 U.S. cities, and others elsewhere, held demonstrations for peace on Saturday.

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Statement to Those Marking the 2000th day of the Sit-In at the Camp Schwab Gate in Henoko

By David Swanson, Executive Director of World BEYOND War, December 24, 2019

I think every U.S. student should be required to spend a year as an exchange student living in another country with a family that lives outside of but within five kilometers of a U.S. or NATO military base. If such a program were instituted, it could be funded by some fraction of 1 percent of the U.S. military budget. And of course the U.S. military would be happy to do it, to allow U.S. citizens to bask in the gratitude read more

The Radical Underuse of Impeachment

Al Capone wasn’t prosecuted for tax evasion because it’s cool or smart or strategic to prosecute murderers for lesser crimes, but because proving murder in court was going to be more difficult.

That’s not analogous to a Congressional impeachment, but the opposite of how Congress operates. Congress sits on indisputable evidence of the greatest crimes while impeaching presidents for lesser offenses that are harder to prove.

Andrew Johnson publicly did everything he could to limit read more

Six Reasons Elizabeth Warren Should Volunteer to Be Bernie Sanders’ Running Mate

Why in the world should Elizabeth Warren choose to run for vice president?

The obvious answer that can save you the time of reading further or, you know, thinking, is my blatant sexism. Clearly, every time I’ve supported female candidates in the past for City Council, House of Delegates, Congress, and the White House has been part of an elaborate plot — no doubt hatched in Moscow — to create a cover for my secret but very real sexism, which I was saving for just this crucial moment. read more

Key Step to Clean Up Vieques Survives in Catastrophically Awful Military Bill

First the good news.

If one of the worst pieces of legislation ever drafted becomes law, there is one small measure in it that we can be pleased with. and World BEYOND War and many other organizations and activists from Puerto Rico and the rest of the United States and beyond urged Congress through a petition and a variety of lobbying approaches to provide $10 million for the purchase of closed detonation chambers in the clean-up of military contamination in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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