A Green New Basic Income Guarantee

U.S. military spending eight years ago was at $1.2 trillion per year, when one added in the nukes in the Energy Department, the Homeland Security Department, the CIA, interest on debt, veterans’ care, etc. Now it’s at $1.3 trillion. In the years since military spending has been dramatically increased, the United States has been made less safe, read more

Which Congress Members Support Ending Which Wars


How the Senate voted March 13, 2019, 54-46, to end it: roll call.

How the House voted, Feb. 13, 2019, 248-177, to end it: roll call.

How the Senate voted, Dec. 13, 2018, 56-41, to end it: roll call.

Both houses have to vote again, because the House didn’t vote in 2018 and added in unrelated nonsense in 2019.

Contact Congress.



Senators cosponsoring bill to end it.

How the Senate voted on Feb. 4, 2019, 70-26-4 to “express their sense” that it should keep read more

Has NATO Met Its Match?

Despite claims by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to have defeated its own troops using Facebook (and, really, what plot to take over a high school hasn’t done that?), the biggest challenge NATO will face this year will probably not be nefarious Russian social media posts.

Nor will it be the dreaded Russian military, now sucking down 6 percent as many dollars each year as the war machines of the NATO nations.

Nor is NATO terribly threatened by a U.S. president who demands that read more

Let’s Try to Elect Bernie Sanders

About four months ago, I organized over 100 scholars, intellectuals, and activists to publish an open letter to Senator Bernie Sanders, which was then signed by over 10,000 more people, several of whom volunteered to deliver it to Senator Sanders. So, we know he received it.

Before publishing the letter, I only changed the text slightly from my original draft of it. The change was that, as published, it didn’t indicate that we had all refused to support his campaign last time around, or promise read more

Are We Anti-Empire or Anti-War?

Obviously many of us are both. I have zero use for either empire or war. But I’m using those tags as shorthand for two groups that sometimes unite and sometimes do not in their advocacy efforts.

One speaks against empire and war with the emphasis on empire, tends to avoid advocating nonviolence, has little to say about alternative means of conflict resolution without war, usually likes the term “revolution,” and sometimes advocates for violent revolution or revolution by any means read more

We’re Asking Charlottesville to Divest from Weapons and Fossil Fuels

Charlottesville, Virginia, has yet to take down its racist statues (the ones all the fuss has been about or any of the other ones). Charlottesville has yet to ban guns from public events. It blames the state legislature in both of those and many other topics. But the City of Charlottesville has our public dollars invested in weapons, and it is perfectly capable of changing that.

read more