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Bernie v. Media

By David Swanson, American Herald Tribune

Major corporate media outlets in the United States are reporting on a new viability for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, based on his rise in the polls nationally and in Iowa and New Hampshire — and possibly, though this goes largely unmentioned, based on his big new advertising purchases from major corporate media outlets. In independent progressive media as well, there’s a small flood of maybe-he-can-really-win articles.

Whether read more

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Nine Years Later: More Shocked, Less Awed

By David Swanson, Remarks at the Left Forum

When I lived in New York 20 years ago, the United States was beginning a 20-year war on Iraq. We protested at the United Nations. The Miami Herald depicted Saddam Hussein as a giant fanged spider attacking the United States. Hussein was frequently compared to Adolf Hitler. On October 9, 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl told a U.S. congressional committee that she’d seen Iraqi soldiers take 15 babies out of an incubator in a Kuwaiti hospital and leave read more

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Insider Tells Why Obama Chose Not to Prosecute Torture

Two Years Ago Obama Decided Not to Prosecute Torturers
Now We Get An Account of Why
By David Swanson

If you can think back all the way to January 2009, back when wars were ending, Guantanamo was closing, the Pentagon was getting oversight, employees were going to have free choice, the rich would start paying taxes, the air would be getting cleaner, and so forth, you’ll recall that the Obama transition team was acting super populist and high-tech.

They had questions from ordinary people for the read more

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Harvey Wasserman on How We'll Survive and Succeed


DAVID SWANSON: Okay, we’re recording, this is David Swanson, I’m speaking with Harvey Wasserman, long time wonderful activist, author, author among other of wonderful books of “Solartopia,” and Harvey, you were emailing me yesterday a little bit about success stories. Do you want to elaborate?

HARVEY WASSERMAN: Well, when we first started the anti-nuclear movement back in 1973, read more

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Clinton Wants More Propaganda; I Want Less

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has declared that other nations are doing a better job of propagandizing the world and that the United States needs to do more. However, we already invest far more in foreign propaganda than in domestic public media, and virtually nothing in domestic media trust busting. The distinction between our domestic and foreign public media is part of what makes them both so weak in credibility (the other part is the size of the lies they tell), and Bob McChesney is read more

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Torture Revealed Yet Again

By David Swanson

As with the evidence that Bush, Cheney, and gang intentionally lied us into a war, or the evidence of illegal and unconstitutional spying, each time a major new piece of evidence of torture emerges, it is impossible not to hope that this is the one that will compel the Justice Department or Congress or the courts or the American people to act decisively. Certainly I hope that, right now, the day after Mark Danner reported read more

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Honestly, Judge, I Did It But Let's Look Forward

By David Swanson

Now here’s a horrendously bad piece of thinking from a usually terrific website that occasionally lets loyalty to a political party trump common sense. Cynthia Boaz, who has written much better stuff, writes:

“In the wake of Sen. Patrick Leahy’s (somewhat) surprising and determined call for a Truth Commission to investigate the abuses of the Bush-Cheney administration, the Obama administration has been – to many progressives and those on the left of center read more

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Foreclose on the White House

By David Swanson

If you’ve lost your house to a predatory lender and you ask your congress member to impeach Bush and Cheney for your loss, will they look at you like you’re crazy? That depends entirely on how many of you are asking.

If there are not enough of you, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy for suggesting impeachment as a response to illegal wars, lies to Congress, misappropriation of funds, rewriting bills with “signing statements,” warrantless spying, read more

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Doug Feith versus The Blogosphere

By David Swanson

An interview of Allison Hantschel.

AUDIO 30 Minutes:

David: This is David Swanson with Allison Hantschel, the blogger of the blog site, First Draft , and the author of the book “Special Plans, the blogs on Douglas Feith and the faulty intelligence that led us to war.” Allison, it is good to talk to you. How are you doing?

Allison: I’m doing good, thank you so much for having me.

David: read more

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Bring Regime Change Home

By David Swanson
Remarks prepared for World Can’t Wait rally at White House, Feb. 4, 2006.

There are protests outside at least two houses today, the White House and Bush’s luxury estate near Crawford, Texas. Bush can run, but he cannot hide.

He tries to hide behind fear, our fear. The only tool in his bag is making us afraid. We have to resist becoming afraid, but we have to be able to talk about the fact that Bush and Cheney have made us much less safe. They have turned world opinion read more

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