The Monroe Doctrine at 200 and What to Replace it With

The Monroe Doctrine at 200 and What to Replace it With

The Monroe Doctrine was and is a justification for actions, some good, some indifferent, but the overwhelming bulk reprehensible. The Monroe Doctrine remains in place, both explicitly and dressed up in novel language. Additional doctrines have been built on its foundations. This book looks at the creation, evolution, and use of the Monroe Doctrine over the years since 1823, and proposes a radically different approach for the U.S. government to take with Latin America and the world.

“David Swanson aptly deconstructs the imperial fiat which arrogates to the U.S. the unilateral authority to intervene in the affairs of sovereign states in the Western Hemisphere and to exclude any rival power from meddling in what is viewed as Washington’s backyard. Far from giving the 200-year-old doctrine a decent burial, the U.S. has extended it globally.” —Roger D. Harris, Task Force on the Americas

“With his characteristic acerbic wit, Swanson demonstrates that the Monroe Doctrine carries malice and intentionally manipulative and lethal capabilities. As with many of his other writings, not only does Swanson offer scathing critiques of the Monroe Doctrine, he also offers solutions for the damage it has done that are readily handy and straightforward if we ever become courageous enough and willing to implement them.” —Tim Pluta, World BEYOND War

Distributor: Ingram
ISBN paperback: 979-8-9869811-0-9
ISBN e-books: 979-8-9869811-1-6
Publisher: David Swanson
Date: January 2023
Words: 58,961
Pages: 210
Endnotes: 242
Chapters: 7

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