A Nation Too Stupid to Benefit From its Immigrants?

The millions of people in the United States who are denied equal rights because they are immigrants have vast stockpiles of wisdom and rich culture to share; they engage in more strategic and courageous activism than do non-immigrants; and without any doubt they would vote better than do the “legal” people of South Carolina if only they were permitted to vote. The mistreatment of these people shortchanges every U.S. enterprise and reduces civil rights, paychecks, public safety, sense read more

If Iraq Were in Central America

Just as in discussions of bombing nations for women’s rights it’s hard to bring up the subject of the right not to be bombed, in discussions of shipping so-called illegal children away from the border where you’ve been terrorizing them in reenactments of Freedom Ride buses it’s hard to bring up the subject of not having your government overthrown and your nation turned into a living hell.

Imagine, however, if Iraq were in Central America.  Most people in the United read more

Your Daily Flashback of Real ACORN News

Three Thousand March Through Downtown Chicago for Immigrant Rights
Jun. 30, 2002

Hazardous heat conditions threatened Chicago as 3,000 members of ACORN and their allies, including SEIU Local 880, marched through city streets to demand rights for immigrants and a living wage for home care workers on July 1. The protest march concluded ACORN’s national convention, which is held every two years in a different city.

ACORN members and supporters gathered in Federal Plaza, took to the streets and read more

Take Heart and Have Courage

By David Swanson

We’ve pushed long and hard to put accountability, impeachment, prosecution, and the restoration of congressional power on the American table, and they’ve all just landed with a thud and splatter of gravy and cranberry dressing. So, eat up, take heart, and prepare to work harder than we have over the past several frustrating years of path breaking and pressure building.

Impeachment, specifically of torture memo author turned lifetime federal judge Jay Bybee ( read more

Rep. Virgil Goode Swears He Doesn't Hate Immigrants

By David Swanson

Congressman Virgil Goode recently responded to a statement I’d blogged about him. Here’s what I wrote and his response:

“The Unitary Executive is scheduled to disgrace the grounds of Thomas Jefferson’s house, Monticello, in Charlottesville, Va., making a speech on the morning of July 4, 2008. The event is open to the public, and is Monticello’s annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony. Numerous immigrants will become citizens read more