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State Single-Payer: Kucinich Amendment Still in House Bill

By David Swanson

The latest I’m told is that the Kucinich amendment to allow states to do single-payer healthcare is still in the House bill.

The Wyden amendment is not a substitute for it. That one is worded in a way that could allow states that have been bad on healthcare, such as Tennessee, to opt out of national reform in favor of a right wing free market approach. The Wyden amendment is regressive for those states without the apparatus to pass single payer, which is the vast majority read more

Risk Arrest for Healthcare

  On Tuesday, 16 citizens were arrested at the offices of the health insurance company Aetna on Park Avenue in New York City for asking Aetna to stop denying coverage of healthcare procedures approved by doctors and for which Aetna’s customers have paid years of premiums under the misconception that their healthcare would be covered.  In the coming weeks, similar actions will take place all over the country, and over 550 people have signed up as willing to risk arrest for healthcare.  Whether you’ve personally been denied care or are simply concerned for your fellow citizens, you can sign up at    

16 Arrested at Aetna for Demanding Healthcare

By David Swanson

Sixteen people were arrested this morning at 99 Park Ave in New York City for entering the lobby of the health insurance company Aetna and demanding that Aetna stop denying healthcare approved by doctors. This was the beginning of a campaign in which over 300 people have committed to nonviolently risking arrest:

On September 29th in New York City, October 8th in Chicago, and in cities across the country on October 15th, over 100 people who have signed this pledge will put our bodies read more

Howard Dean Flips a Whopper of a Flop

Howard Dean, who campaigned for president opposing single-payer and ran the DNC opposing single-payer, and launched an activist campaign opposing single-payer, now says that it was “a terrible mistake” for Obama not to begin by proposing single-payer. But is Democracy for America duty bound to push for whatever terrible mistake Obama proposes? Shouldn’t a so-called grassroots group make read more

Rep. Betty Sutton Commits to Voting No if No "Robust Public Option"

By David Swanson

I’m in Congresswoman Betty Sutton’s home town in Ohio and just spoke with her as she got ready to march in a Labor Day parade. She’s got a convertible red thunderbird (new one) full of bubble gum and 20 staffers in Re-Elect Sutton t-shirts to throw the gum to parade watchers (Mardi Gras Ohio style).

Mary Nichols Rhodes of Progressive Democrats of America introduced me to Sutton. I gave her my book “Daybreak.” One of her staffers took a photo of read more

Audio: KPFK Lila Garrett and David Swanson on Healthcare

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We’ll talk with David Swanson (author of new Amazon best seller DAYBREAK) about the battle between those who favor the read more

Healthcare Needs Democracycare

By David Swanson, Prosperity Agenda

Note: Yesterday, Glenn Beck was bounced out of bestseller spot by Swanson’s book: “Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union.” This is Swanson’s first book, on its first day of publication it ranked #1 in politics nonfiction on, having bumped Glenn Beck out of his long-held position. “Daybreak” is also the #1 nonfiction book in all categories read more