Harman vs. Winograd, Tough Choice?

By David Swanson

For the past 10 months I’ve worked on a project at www.afterdowningstreet.org to urge Congress Members to hold the Bush Administration accountable for crimes and abuses of power. Some Democratic members of Congress have been as helpful in this effort as Fox News. Some have been less. In that last category you can list Jane Harman.

When Congressman John Conyers wrote a letter to Bush asking him to explain the Downing Street Memo, and 120 Congress Members signed it, Harman read more

Woolsey's Way to Peace

By David Swanson

We’ve all heard the line. “That would make us look weak on national security.” That line is supposed to be based on public opinion, not just the opinions of media corporations and pundits working for Pentagon-funded think tanks. That line is supposed to have something to do with the general American public. But it does not.

Take a look at this survey from last spring by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (University of Maryland): read more

Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representation of Erotic Activity

Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representation of Erotic Activity by Steve Bachmann

At a time when pornography has become mainstream and sex haters have gained national political power, it would seem than sex is all around us. But most of us are unaware that much interesting thinking about sex is going on. Mostly, I, for one, find myself wishing people could get their minds onto some OTHER topic for a few minutes. MoveOn.org became a political force by channeling our frustration with Congress’s read more