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Not What Obama Promised

By David Swanson

In six months as president, Barack Obama has aggressively done the opposite of many specific things he explicitly and unequivocally promised as a candidate. A lot of these were things Obama’s fiercest opponents never wanted. And Obama’s fiercest supporters favor censoring this information. But if we expect public servants to be public servants, the public must know the facts, make of them what it will.

Here’s a read more

Perriello, Peace, and Justice

By David Swanson

Peace and justice activists in Virginia’s Fifth District were thrilled last November when we and our neighbors replaced Congressman Virgil Goode with Tom Perriello. We got together and held a couple of meetings to discuss what we might begin talking with the new congressman-elect about. On February 17th we finally met with him. This brief report may prove somewhat useful to others meeting with their representatives and senators, and I’ve included links to useful read more

Will War Ever End?

By David Swanson

I wrote recently about the possibility of outgrowing the use of war. Today I got a book in the mail that makes a strong argument intended as a tool for ending war. The book is called “Will War Ever End: A Soldier’s Vision of Peace for the 21st Century” by Captain Paul K. Chappell, U.S. Army. It’s short, more of a hardcover pamphlet than a book, but it is packed with ideas.

Chappell argues that cooperation, love, and sacrifice for friends and loved ones read more

Nonviolence Now

By David Swanson

Change is in the air. How about a change away from violence?

The state of Georgia is preparing to execute a man widely known to almost certainly be innocent. Here is an Amnesty International report on the case of Troy Davis. And here are things you can do to try to prevent this murder, this state killing, this official lynching in the twenty-first century.

And if you don’t live in Georgia, don’t get too self-satisfied. All of us are currently engaged in killing innocent read more

Do Not Remove U.S. Uniform When Raping or Murdering

By David Swanson

People have started passing around and publicly posting English translations of the Arabic version of the treaty being negotiated between Bush and Maliki. (It’s also been published by an Iraqi newspaper. Who should teach whom about freedom of the press?) The U.S. Constitution requires that the Senate approve treaties, so Bush is calling this one a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

There is almost no chance that the Iraqi Parliament will approve it or follow the U.S. read more

McCain v. Obama II: The Empire Strikes Back

By David Swanson

The first debate after the great foreign policy debate, which focused almmost exclusively on war, shifted to a discussion devoted in large part to foreign policy and specifically war. But it began with some other topics.

8:55 p.m. This can’t be good. PBS aired a program on the evolution of dinosaurs just prior to the debate, showing no consideration for the widespread belief that, yes, John McCain is a dinosaur and that his running mate believes he walked the earth together read more

No Weapons in Space

October 4 – 12, 2008
Keep Space for Peace Week: International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space

No Weapons in Space! Stop U.S. First-Strike Star Wars Deployments in Poland and Czech Republic! Convert the Military Industrial Complex! Fund Human Needs!

* Adelaide, South Australia (Sept 24) Monthly vigil on steps of Parliament House with leafleting by Women in Black and South Australian branch of WILPF

* Adelaide, South Australia read more

Foreign Policy Debate All About War

By David Swanson

There was only one foreign policy asked about in Friday night’s foreign policy debate: war and potential wars.

Obama began the debate by allowing McCain to get away with claiming the mantle of “accountability” on the issue of a bailout that rewards fraud in financial markets. Why? Because Obama won’t oppose the bailout.

Then he let McCain get away with complaining about a huge increase in the size of government, without pointing out that the larger “size” read more

DNC Platform: Belief We Can Change In

By David Swanson

Here it is: Fifty Pages of Fluff. Jonathan Tasini, among others, has posted a draft of the AT&T Democratic Convention Party Platform: Here’s a PDF. It’s not all fluff, but it’s packaged that way, and you have to plow through 8 pages of stomach-turning platitudinous cowardice before getting to anything worthwhile. There is, in the end, a good deal of worthwhile stuff in here, and a good deal of head fakes in the right direction with no substantive detail.

When read more

Kucinich Shows How To Block Attack on Iran

By David Swanson

A recent poll found that a full 7 percent of Americans want to attack Iran: But 93 percent agreement and a dollar won’t even get you a Metro ride in Washington, D.C. The Congressional Progressive Caucus held a press event on Tuesday and publicly urged the Bush Administration to engage in diplomacy, which is sort of like asking a mule to dance in the ballet. We’ve read more