The Popularity of Peace and Presidents

By David Swanson

Numerous media organizations regularly poll members of the public on whether they approve of the President’s job performance. Uniformly, these polls show a dramatic upsurge in approval of Bush immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, but a decline in approval following Hurricane Katrina.

Working in favor of national sanity is the fact that the hurricane is more recent than the airplane attacks. While it seems distinctly unlikely that people will yet begin read more

Yuppies and the Peace Movement

Yuppies and the Peace Movement
By David Swanson


The single biggest reason that the peace movement is not larger and more aggressive is that people with one foot in it are focused on trying to be respectable in the eyes of the corporate media, for their own sake and

Cindy Speaks to Roaring Crowd

Cindy Sheehan just spoke and said she’d finally figured out what the noble cause was. Bush, she said, wants to kill more American soldiers because he’s already killed so many. That’s the reason.

When Bush started this war, Cindy said, he said “You’re with us or you’re against us.” Well, Cindy said, Mr. President, WE’RE AGAINST YOU!

Cindy also spoke to the members of the media who have been smearing her and her family. “Smear away,” read more

Military Families Speak Out and Joan Baez Sings

Leaders and members of Military Families Speak Out spoke out in Crawford today, and Joan Baez led the crowd (which is clearly well over 1,000, if not 2,000, just at Camp Casey 2) in “Amazing Grace”. MFSO spoke in support of getting out of Iraq NOW – not months from now, but before another life is lost to a war started by chicken hawks.


Iraq Veterans Against the War are on stage now.

And now Cindy’s on stage and can’t start speaking, and nobody can hear read more

The Calm Before

By David Swanson

It’s very, very early morning on Saturday, August 27, in Crawford, Texas. The roads are as dark as Dick Cheney’s heart, and the stars as numerous as W’s lies. All hell has not yet broken loose and may or may not do so later today. But the police are telling the media that they’re preparing for trouble. And Camp Casey 2 ran a workshop yesterday on how to nonviolently respond to hostility. (Watch video on

Huge numbers of supporters of Cindy Sheehan read more

The Anti-Cindy Camp

There never seem to be more than 3 people there, but there is an anti-Cindy “camp” in Crawford. In the back of it is a board with a schedule written on it of counter protests. Here’s a photo of it.

Here are more photos.

Cindy Meets the Media

By David Swanson

There’s a press conference at 10:30 a.m. CT every day at Camp Casey 2 near Crawford, Texas, and today was no exception.


Seven military family members and veterans spoke very briefly, then Cindy Sheehan spoke, and then Cindy answered questions from the assembled representatives of our (private) public communications system. The whole thing took 20 minutes. Then it took me 20 minutes to drive back to the Crawford Peace House, read more