Blockading Cuba Serves No Purpose Beyond Sadism

Me in Cuba on trip with Code Pink in 2015.

Here’s a preview of a new, 3-part mini-series:

I’ve seen the first part. It’s only 12 minutes. The series was made in Cuba by Cubans and non-Cubans working together, and executive producers are Oliver Stone and Danny Glover. It’ll be on Youtube on Friday, October 9th on the Belly of the Beast channel. The series has the unfortunate title “The War on Cuba.”

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Of course, what the U.S. government read more

Top U.S. Enemy Was Its Ally, the U.S.S.R.

U.S. poster from 1953.

Excerpted from Leaving World War II Behind

Hitler was clearly preparing for war long before he started it. Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland, annexed Austria, and threatened Czechoslovakia. High-ranking officials in the German military and “intelligence” plotted a coup. But Hitler gained popularity with every step he took, and the lack of any sort of opposition from Britain or France surprised and demoralized the coup plotters. The British government was aware of the read more

What Waging War Is Really Like

The vast majority of people who experience war directly, first-hand, rather than through Hollywood movies or politicians’ speeches, are the people who live where wars are waged. In wars involving distant wealthy nations on one-side, some 95% of those killed or injured or traumatized, and 100% of those bombed out of their homes are people against whom war is waged, most of them civilians and the rest of them people doing exactly what any Hollywood movie or politician would tell them — read more

The Long History of the Nazi Salute and the USA

Photo by Jack Gilroy, Great Bend, Penn., September 28, 2020.

If you do a web search for images of “Nazi salute” you find old photos from Germany and recent photos from the United States. But if you search for images of “Bellamy salute” you find countless black-and-white photographs of U.S. children and adults with their right arms raised stiffly out in front of them in what will strike most people as a Nazi salute. From the early 1890s through 1942 the United States used the Bellamy read more

Without a Super Spreader Event 102 Years Ago Today, WWII Might Not Have Happened

Excerpted and modified from Leaving World War II Behind

“One day President Roosevelt told me that he was asking publicly for suggestions about what the war should be called. I said at once, ‘The Unnecessary War.’ There never was a war more easy to stop than that which has just wrecked what was left of the world from the previous struggle.” —Winston Churchill[i]

World War II grew out of World War I, and almost nobody tries to argue that World War I was just or glorious. By behaving more read more

What Trump and Biden Should Have Done in War on Vietnam

Donald Trump and Joe Biden were athletes who got deferments and dubious medical-based exemptions to participating in the mass slaughter of Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian men, women, and children.

The common criticism of one or the other of them, based on partisan loyalty, is that he should have participated in mass murder. Questioning this notion results, most often, in ad hominem attacks against the questioner: but you weren’t there, you can’t know what you would have done, etc.

But read more

Two-Thirds of Presidential Debate Should Be About Militarism

Source: here and here.

Over half of the money that Congress decides what to do with every year is for wars and war preparations, year after year.

When you add in police and prisons, and the militarization of police and prisons — and of borders and airports — and the Veterans Administration, you’re talking about two-thirds of the money.

So the big question is, of course, why do I hate Veterans?

Oh, go Dick Cheney yourself. I support universal free healthcare and education and guaranteed read more