How to Talk About Iran

By David Swanson

John Aravosis suggests some talking points on Iran, but I’d like to suggest some changes in bold.

George Bush has decided to use Iran as a foil to help his sagging poll numbers and to help Republicans in the fall congressional elections. I’m going to discuss why this is true, and what the Dems should do about it.

Iran is ten years away from developing nukes.

I’ll say it again, TEN YEARS away. And that’s not according to some peacenik liberal, it’s according read more

What Bush Did Wrong

By David Swanson

Bush authorized the leaking of selected portions of classified documents, selected in such a way as to constitute a lie. He painted a picture of a nuclear threat that he knew did not exist, and used it to scare people into supporting an illegal war, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Of course, the leaking itself was illegal. Of course, Bush’s past promises to fire leakers were lies, and his eagerness to investigate other leaks that he didn’t read more

Public Energy Is Misdirected

By David Swanson

What would happen if politically active progressive Americans suddenly stopped devoting their energies to drafting better sound bites, and instead directed all that time and passion into a serious and strategic campaign of civil disobedience?

I know, I know, we’re constantly told that we’re being out-framed and out-messaged. Horse shit. We’re smarter than they are, wittier, pithier, more attuned to the perspectives of those we’re speaking to. But we don’t read more

Not One More Death

By David Swanson

The Stop the War Coalition in the UK has set a standard for anti-war activism that we in the United States struggle to match. They’ve held larger protests, convened more significant conferences, and moved their agenda further in public opinion, in Parliament, and in the courts than we have done. On Tuesday they organized protests nationwide outside the studios of the BBC, which of course already provides a level of openness and honesty in its reporting that those of us read more

Truth Seeping Through Media After Ten Months

By David Swanson

It’s March 27th, my son’s due date, but it looks like he may be late being born. Maybe he’s heard what it’s like out here. I may have had C-Span a little loud during Bush’s last press conference.

Wesley has spent the past nine months preparing to enter the world. I’ve spent the past ten months trying to get the U.S. media to admit that Bush blatantly lied to them and they in turn to us.

It’s funny how things tend to all develop at once. read more

Video of Forum on War and Impeachment

Video by Ken Zelin, post-production by Virginia Moore

March 13, 2006, Charlottesville, Va.

Sue Chase and Bill Anderson of Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice: MOV
Al Weed, candidate for Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District: MOV
David Swanson of Progressive Democrats of America and ImpeachPAC: MOV
read more

DOJ Confirms Voting Rights Violations in Massachusetts

By David Swanson

The race for Massachusetts Secretary of State has reached a new level of urgency. On March 10, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) confirmed it is investigating Voting Rights violations in Springfield. Today, the DOJ confirmed that they are actively investigating Voting Rights violations in Lowell as well. In each city, the lack of voting assistance to Latino and Cambodian Americans, respectively, is at the center of the probes. But it doesn’t end there.

In 2005, the City of read more