To Send Weapons and Troops to Ukraine You’d Have to Be a Stupid Son of a Biden

Have yall learned absolutely nothing?

The U.S. government’s internal memos said that the only way to get Iraq to use its weapons if it even had any would be to attack it. The U.S. government’s public statements were that Iraq certainly had weapons and therefore must be attacked. The U.S. government itself had every single one of the weapons in question, and knew Iraq used to have some of them because the U.S. had provided them.

This was not a question of faulty information. This was read more

Munich Is Not in Ukraine: Appeasement Begins at Home

By David Swanson

The word “Munich” — for me it calls up images of surfing in a giant park with nude sunbathers and nearby beer halls. But in U.S. news media it means the unconscionable failure to launch a war more quickly.

According to the new Munich movie on Netflix — the latest in the relentless avalanche of WWII propaganda — the decision made at Munich not to launch WWII just yet was not the horrendous moral failure we’ve all come to know and love, read more

A People’s History of the Peaceful Transfer of Power

Supposedly the election of Joe Biden to the White House was the first U.S. election marred in any serious way — marred by Republicans, members of the military, and clownish rioters at the Capitol. While I wish Democrats also cared about keeping any of the promises they were elected on, I don’t think they take what happened on and about January 6, 2021, too seriously — quite the reverse. But I don’t think there was a pristine election system to be marred.

Democrats themselves read more

Audio: Roots Action Creates Foreign Policy Primer for Congressional Candidates

By Hudson Mohawk Radio Network, January 19, 2022

Roots Action has compiled a primer for U.S. Congressional candidates on Foreign Policy. David Swanson of Roots Action and World Beyond War notes that many Congressional candidates don’t have a foreign policy agenda, and if they do, they often follow the lead of the military-industrial complex which dominates both major parties. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network.