William Astore Is Talking About Lessening the Damage, Not Actual Defense

A U.S. soldier stands guard in March of 2003 next to an oil well at the Rumayla oil fields set ablaze by retreating Iraqi troops. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 29, 2021

William Astore’s latest article on TomDispatch proposes to “Reinvent the U.S. Military for Real National Defense.” The specific proposals are all to the good: stop adding to the nuclear weapons pile, shrink the Army read more

Congress-Pentagon Flap Over Critical Race Theory: A Job for Critical War Theory

That the United States has always been so deeply afflicted with structural and cultural racism that it sometimes goes unnoticed and needs to be addressed is hardly disputable. Who is anybody kidding? Have you seen U.S. history? Have you seen the United States?

That we should care what the head of the Pentagon says about it in dumb little sound bytes is considered hardly disputable in U.S. society, but I think it should be disputed. The U.S. military is a massive machine for bombing mostly dark-skinned read more

Watch Russia TV Try to Convince Me of the Need for U.S. Military Spending

This video clip starts out with the great Andy Worthington on GITMO, but due to a bad connection jumps quickly to me on the F-35. The RT host repeatedly tries to tell me that the U.S. military needs to spend money on weapons to defend the United States. I suggest scaling back U.S. militarism, and she pushes the “common sense” need for a strong U.S. military “defense.”

Youtube warns viewers that RT is funded by the Russian government. But the Russian government hires U.S. read more

War Powers Reform Bill Far Better Than Feared

Senators Murphy, Lee, and Sanders have introduced legislation to address Congressional and Presidential war powers. (See bill text, press release, one pager, video of press conference, op-ed, and Politico article).

In recent months, we’ve seen efforts to repeal some but not other AUMFs (Authorizations for the Use of Military Force), plus talk of creating a new AUMF (why?!). And for years we’ve watched people like Senator Kaine talk about reclaiming Congressional war powers while pushing read more

How Not to Prevent U.S. Military Suicides

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 13, 2021

If I were to just read the admirable recent study of U.S. military suicides from the Costs of War Project, my inclination would immediately be to join with President Biden and start proclaiming the war on Afghanistan a success, or with Obama in announcing that the Korean War was a success after all, or with the general U.S. establishment in declaring all wars a noble “service” read more