Month: December 2009

WAR: It's Not the President's Decision

The U.S. Constitution leaves the decision to wage war to Congress, and Congress can enforce its decision not to wage war by refusing to fund it.  Blocking a funding bill for wars requires the House of Representatives alone, and both Democrats and Republicans in the House are rapidly joining us in saying No to war funding.

It’s time to finally get serious, to lobby, to protest, to sit in, to nonviolently disrupt and resist in local district offices until enough Representatives commit read more

David Obey Still Thinks You're an Idiot

By David Swanson

Two years ago, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, David Obey, screamed at a friend of mine, Tina Richards, denouncing “idiot liberals” who are foolish enough to suggest that opposing a war should involve ceasing to fund it.

In October of this year, Obey began speaking as if he’d joined the idiot liberals. No longer was he going to end wars by funding them, as he’d proposed in 2007 (and as he’d followed through on with a staggering read more