Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union

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Charlie Crist Leaves GOP And Runs As An Independent

Charlie Crist has dropped out of the Republican Party to run as an independent for the U.S. Senate. It has been anticipated for a while that he would do so, so it isn't as though many people are really that surprised or are quickly going to get payday loans to fill his opponents' coffers. (Or maybe not?) Crist has a long service record in the state of Florida in several capacities, and also the name recognition is expected to give him an advantage over his Democrat and Republican opponents.

Charlie Crist and the Republicans have broken up

Climate Change Bill Hits Senate With Little Chance For Success

Wednesday, after months of partisan bickering and also the peevish defection of one of its main sponsors, the Senate climate change bill was unveiled. Senators of Massachusetts, John Kerry, and Joe Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, presented a climate and energy package designed to limit climate change and promote clean energy jobs. Kerry said it was imperative the Senate climate change bill, which includes just a little something for everybody, gets passed this year.

Hekla Eruption

hekla eruption, Eyjafjalajokull , ash cloud, volcano, bmw, X5, X6The Volcanic ash cloud might halt US BMW production The recent volcanic activity of Eyjafjalajokull filled the skies around Iceland and Europe with a huge ash cloud that could halt production of BMW automobiles at the US company's factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, reports If trans-Atlantic flights continue to be delayed for two additional days, says BMW spokesman Mathias Schmidt, the German automaker can be to supply the necessary transmissions to assemble X5 and X6 sport utility automobiles.

Boxing rocked with Edwin Valero, wife murder-suicide

Former WBA Super Featherweight Champion and WBC Lightweight Champion Edwin Valero was detained for allegedly murdering his wife on Sunday April 18. He was found later hanging by his own clothes, having committed suicide. He was a mere 28 years of age. He was an undefeated southpaw, and a boxing legend in the making. He had a string of 27 wins, all from knockouts, and of the 27 KOs to his credit, 19 occurred within the first round.
Caracas the scene of tragedy

Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for

SPRING HILL — Charlie and Maria Cardoso are among the millions of Americans who have experienced the misery and embarrassment that come with home foreclosure.

Just one problem: The Massachusetts couple paid for their future retirement home in Spring Hill with cash in 2005, five years before agents for Bank of America seized the house, removed belongings and changed the locks on the doors, according to a lawsuit the couple have filed in federal court.

Early last month, Charlie Cardoso had to drive to Florida to get his home back, the complaint filed in Massachusetts on Jan. 20 states.

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new hope for grass roots efforts

I found David's work in my TomDispatch newsletter today and am bowled over with how prolific he is! What a force on the planet! Will catch him on his book tour in S. Cal. in Nov. and get Daybreak then. He gives me new hope for grass roots efforts.

Wait Loss Tips

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World Beyond War

War Is A Crime

Talk Nation Radio

There Is No Way To Peace

Peace is the way.

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