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Talk Nation Radio: Nathan Schneider on the Occupy Apocalypse

Nathan Schneider is an editor of the websites Waging Nonviolence and Killing the Buddah.  He reported on / participated in Occupy Wall Street from before Day 1.  He has now published Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse.

Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.Producer: David Swanson.Music by Duke Ellington.

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Media Tips

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First and foremost, be the media.  Produce your own reports, analysis, photos, videos.  Use the internet to make your news available.

Having produced your own media, it will require little work to produce press releases for the corporate media.  A press release that's already written like a newspaper article will appeal to busy/lazy reporters more than one requiring more work from them.  Be sure to include links to your photos and videos, and the names and identifications and contact information for people who can be interviewed.


Working With Reporters

Help Reporters.

Contacting Reporters

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Most of the rules for talking to TV and Radio apply to talking to print reporters. You never want to say anything that you don't want quoted. But you can say plenty of boring background stuff that probably won't be quoted.

Do Not Answer Questions, Respond to Them

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About Messages

When doing an interview on TV or radio, and even in print,

Do not answer a reporter's question! Use a question as an opportunity to say your message!

This does not mean that you need to be evasive or dishonest.

George Curry's Rules for the Media

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Attendees of ACORN's Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., in March 2003, seemed to appreciate the 16 bits of advice that journalist George Curry (editor of the National Newspaper Publisher's Association) gave them on how to work with the media.


Tag: PR Tips

Help Reporters.

Reporters are not (usually) out to get us. If they are hurried and demanding, it is because they are busy and overworked. Our job is to make their jobs easier, so that they let us use their airwaves and newspapers to reach people with a message. This means being available to reporters on short notice, always returning phone calls quickly, being where we tell them we will be on time, and being reliable in our assertions. Never ever ever lie to a reporter, and don't even exaggerate or say anything you're not certain of. Say "I don't know, but I'll find out for you. What's your deadline?"

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