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About David Swanson

You Are One

By David Swanson

You are one today, March 29, 2007, Wesley Neil Swanson, and 365 days ago you had not yet seen the light of day. Now you love it. Now you wake up every morning with the sun and shout your delight at being alive. You make the hand sign for light, and then you hear a bird and flap your arms like a bird. And it breaks my heart to think that the world may not be or may not stay as delightful a place as you suppose it is.

Profiles in Peace

An Audio Series: 60-Minute Interviews by Doreen Key, KPFK 90.7 fm, Los Angeles
David Swanson
Gore Vidal
Randi Rhodes
William Rodriguez
Coming soon: Cindy Sheehan, John Bonifaz, Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Howard Zinn, Helen Caldicott, Pete Seeger, and more.
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