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Talking Aggressive Progressivism With Oklahoma County Democratic Party

David Swanson discusses politics and his book "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union" with the Oklahoma County Democrats in Oklahoma City, OK, on September 18, 2009.




Cindy Sheehan, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and peace and justice activist whose son was killed in Iraq, will return to Dallas on September 19th. Dallas area peace and justice organizations will join her in a rally to call for the investigation and prosecution of George W. Bush and any government officials involved in decisions that led to torture and other war crimes. Also featured at the rally will be nationally syndicated talk-show host and author Thom Hartmann (, author/blogger/activist David Swanson (, war veteran Victor Agosto, and musician David Rovics (

My Interview on Radio Active Lunch: Very Active, Very Radio

Here's the mp3, and the first part of the interview begins halfway through this clip.

Steve Leser Reviews Daybreak

By Steve Leser, OpEdNews

As a fellow writer who appears on at least one of the same publications, I've read a lot of David Swanson's articles over the years. Every one of those articles was sharp and had strong back up from good sources. I was therefore very excited when I heard that he had written a book. David and I sometimes disagree on the issues. He is more critical of Democrats and Obama than I tend to be, and that is reflected in the book, but that is no reflection on the quality of his work.

Daybreak #1 Indy Book Last Week - C-Span to Cover

"Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union" was the top selling book last week from my publisher, Seven Stories, and from the distributor of almost all independent publishers.

I'm in Kansas City tomorrow night, Oklahoma City on Friday, and Dallas on Saturday for a series of events all day and night, including a public debate on whether Bush should be prosecuted.

C-Span now plans to film my October 14th event in Miami.

Daybreak is breaking out. All details here:

Great Eugene Jarecki Interview

I'll be on Coy Barefoot's radio show tomorrow and want to share this wonderful interview Coy did with Eugene Jarecki: Listen.