Labor Not Loyalty on May 1

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Two key steps have helped to ruin May Day in the United States.  First, Labor Day was created at a completely different time of year -- labor day without the struggle, labor day without the history, labor day without the labor movement.  Second, Loyalty Day was created on May 1st. 


Talk Nation Radio: Students Hunger Strike for a Living Wage

Hunter Link of the University of Virginia's Living Wage Campaign explains why he and other students stopped eating and why workers at UVA can and should be paid a living wage.

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UVA Still Not Paying Living Wage -- UVA Students Still Not Eating

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'Why I'm Hunger Striking at UVA' "... in our 'caring community,' hundreds of contract employees may make as littleas $7.25/hour ... I have experienced many periods of economic hardship in mylife. Growing up, I moved over 30 times – including various stays in homelessshelters, the homes of family friends, and church basements. I know firsthandwhat the economic struggle is like for many of these underpaid workers."– Joseph Williams, third-year student at the University of Virginiaand player for Virginia Cavaliers footballGet the FactsUVA would need to spend $4.2-5.8 million to pay all direct employees at least$13/hour – or less than 0.25% of the university's $2.487 billion annual budget'Same Thing, Different Century'"I still view the University as a plantation ... the field workers aren’t goingto speak out." – Grace, former UVA employeeIf Only the Woman Who Wrote This Were President of UVA"Being paid a living wage for one's work is a necessary condition forself-actualization." – Teresa A. Sullivan, The Social Organization of WorkUPDATES: @UVALivingWage | | FacebookDO SOMETHING in Charlottesville, VA Friday: Join the Living Wage Rally at 12:00 NoonUniversity of Virginia Rotunda, street side, University Avenue (MAP)DO SOMETHING Anywhere:Politely Tell the People Who Run UVA to Act Like Decent Human BeingsTheir email addresses are publicly available right hereSign the Living Wage Campaign Petition

The Rick Berman Problem

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10 years ago I debated Berman's "Chief Economist" on C-Span:


Exactly How Cheap the University of Virginia Is

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Let's approximate (and let's go high) that the University of Virginia in Charlottesville has 2,000 direct and contracted (it won't say how many contracted, so we have to guess) employees working for under $13 per hour as demanded by the Living Wage campaign.  And let's imagine they work on average 40 hours per week and 50 weeks a year, and let's imagine they earn the bare legal mimimum of $7.25 per hour.  That would mean that it would take $23 million to make things right, to allow fulltime workers to pay their bills, quit their second jobs, see their families, and take care of their health.

Who has $23 million?

It turns out that UVA has got $4.76 BILLION.

I hate to have to point this out, but $23 million is less than a half a percent of $4.76 billion.  (If my math is off that's UVA's fault too! :-)

If you earn $50,000 a year, do you ever give $200 or so to good causes?  UVA isn't being asked to do that.  It's being asked to pay people a decent humane wage for their hard work.

There's little less honorable than greed.  Doesn't UVA have an honor code?


Poverty Is A Lie

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Yes, yes, poverty exists, just as war does, and the two feed off each other. When I titled a book "War Is A Lie" I meant that the justifications offered for wars were false and that the idea that we must always have wars is false. Our government doesn't market new poverty campaigns in the same way it does wars. It markets campaigns to dismantle healthcare and pension systems or to eliminate foreign aid or to restrict organizing rights. But our culture pushes the false notion that poverty must always be with us.


The Cure for Plutocracy: Strike!

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How do you get politicians living off legalized bribery to criminalize bribery? How do you persuade the corporate media to report on the interests of flesh-and-blood, non-corporate people? How do you take over a political party when the only other one allowed to compete is worse? These are not koans, but actual problems with a single solution.

It might seem like there are a million solutions: pass state-level clean election laws, build independent media, build a new party, etc. But the fundamental answer is that when the deck is stacked against you, you insist on a new deck. Power, as Frederick Douglas told us, concedes nothing without a demand. We cannot legislate our way out of plutocracy. Instead, we the people must seize power.


University of Virginia Plan Would Import Asian Workers, Pay Them Less Than a Dollar Per Hour

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The University of Virginia is reviewing a proposal to import hundreds of Asian workers for various campus services, pay them less than a dollar per hour, and possibly deny them egress from their campus housing outside of work hours.

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