Tom Donohue and the Chamber of Open Secrets

By David Swanson

Pulling pranks on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is just too easy. The Yes Men held a press conference this week pretending to speak for the chamber and fooled the journalists in the room, because “We are no longer going to promote the destruction of the earth’s climate” is such a compelling position that it’s very tempting to imagine that any human being could adopt it.

But Tom Donohue and his chamber take the opposite position and have for years. William read more


[Note: I contributed an article, my first ever published in the NY Post. –DS]

Tabloid Tells Truth About Climate Change and How It Will Affect City, World

Fake New York Post:
Video News Release:
City report on climate change:
Wake-up call:

Early this morning, nearly a million New Yorkers read more

More Corporate-Organized Rallies, This Time for Climate Destruction

Here’s an announcement from about the climate fight, which parallels the health fight. The Democrats in both cases have produced bills that go 90% of the way to satisfying the industries responsible for the problems. In return, in both cases, those industries have used astroturf groups and the corporate media to generate pseudo-populist revolts against the impure efforts that did not provide 100% profit maximization:

Energy Citizens, a corporate-organized Astroturf alliance read more

Van Jones and Nancy Sutley visit energy-improved house in Charlottesville, Va., June 23, 2009

Creating Clean Energy Jobs: Helping People Helping the Environment

Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 11:00 a.m.

Congressman Tom Perriello
Homeowner Ingrid Feggans
Homeowner Chad Thorne
Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris
Albemarle County Supervisor Ann Mallek
Worker Michael Stewart
Chair of White House Council on Environmental Quality Nancy Sutley
Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality Van Jones (hovering but not speaking)

Backstory: Admirable, read more

Liveblogging Politico Forum on Climate Change at Starbucks on Capitol Hill

7:10 p.m. ET on Thursday: Mindy Lubber from CERES is one of the speakers, formerly at EPA; also Brad Figel global director of govt. affairs for Nike formerly at Senate finance committee (holding up a “sustainable shoe” and supposedly wanting to push Congress to pass “meaningful” climate legislation this year); (Rep. John Dingell seems to be late).

7:15 Lubber wants to address global warming right away, says “financial leaders” want this, just like Greenpeace read more

Power Shift in the Air

By David Swanson

This weekend in Washington, D.C., there was a lot of preparation for Monday’s massive civil disobedience for clean energy at the Capitol power plant. Nonviolence trainings, sign creation, conferences. On Sunday night, just before it began snowing hard, I attended a gathering of authors, poets, singers, and the lead organizers of the action in a large university auditorium, and blogged as follows:

I’m at the big stop-carbon, pro-environment, Power Shift, Chesapeake read more

EPA Head Must Resign

Please Join Us in Demanding the Resignation of EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson

Johnson punishes whistleblowers, stonewalls Congress, and devastates the environment.

A coalition has formed to demand his resignation that includes the No Fear Coalition,,, Friends of the Earth, the Black Leadership Roundtable, the Hip Hop Caucus, the Federally Employed Legal Defense Fund, the Congress Against Racism and Corruption in Law Enforcement, the Backbone Campaign, OpEdNews, read more

Katrina Meets Kucinich

By David Swanson

In the back of your head have you ever thought that abandoning an American city and nearby towns to a predictable and predicted natural disaster, and then refusing to repair the damage, ought to be considered unacceptable behavior. On a grander scale, does it strike you that there is something seriously wrong with the Bush Administration’s failure, not just to acknowledge global warming, but to take significant action to stop increasing it and begin reducing it? If we destroy read more

Successes Sneaking Up on Us

By David Swanson

Were you aware that…?

A coffee cooperative in Minnesota makes money by creating fair trade and cutting out corporate middlemen.

Family farmers in Vermont survive and prosper by going organic and cooperative.

Health clinics in rural New Mexico are community supported and succeed in ways corporate health care and insurance cannot.

A taxi cab cooperative in Madison, Wisc., run by the cabbies, brings in $6 million per year.

A pharmacist in Austin, Texas, works less and accomplishes read more