I'll Follow Kucinich to Kerry, Sorry Ralph

July 27, 2004
If Kerry is a “flip-flopper” because he won’t end the war (or the “Patriot Act” or NAFTA or private health insurance) even as he speaks against these horrors, what do we have to call Kucinich, who insists on ending these things even as he endorses Kerry? And what can we expect Dennis to say on Wednesday when he delivers a Kerry-approved speech to the Democratic National Convention? Will he speak against the war, as he told “Democracy Now”‘s read more

Media Black Out Story of Labor Opposition to War

Recently the two biggest stories in the U.S. news media have been the war in Iraq and the presidential election campaign. Labor unions have been part of a number of major stories on the presidential campaign, especially stories about Senator Kerry’s selection of John Edwards as a running mate.

But labor has not been part of stories on the war. There was some reason for that up until a few weeks ago. The AFL-CIO has not taken a position on the war, and most of the international unions have read more

The New Veep? Surprise Us, Senator!

July 6, 2004

Dear Senator John Kerry,

You may have already chosen your running mate, but I’d like to ask you to reconsider.

Do you remember when the pundits who pass for journalists in this country said that you’d have to vote for an illegal aggressive war if you wanted to run for president? Do you remember that they were wrong, that you had to campaign against your own record during the primaries and tie yourself in knots to explain your vote against more funding for the same illegal read more

Democrats Not As Alone As They Think

July 2, 2004

Last Saturday I went knocking on doors in Lancaster, Penn., with the AFL-CIO to talk about the election. We knocked on only union household doors, but a tragic 34 percent of union members who voted in 2000 voted for Bush, and recent polls have shockingly suggested no change in that figure. So I didn’t know what to expect.

Every single person who told me and my door-knocking partner who they were voting for was for Kerry, and all of their household members were for Kerry. No one read more

Texas Dems Unite Against Occupation of Iraq

June 21, 2004

Delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention on Saturday found a unifying passion that the Democratic Party nationally has lacked. If the national convention in Boston ends up looking anything like this state convention in Houston, the Dems will have developed a powerful answer to the common question “Well, yeah, Bush is lousy but what does Kerry stand for?”

The only catch is that the position that Texas Democrats have united behind is not shared by Senator John Kerry, read more

Cable Television Perfects Presidential Coverage

June 9, 2004

It’s official. Cable television has now completely and thoroughly covered presidential politics, fully informing all Americans of all the issues, positions, promises, and disputes. That job completed, one cable channel has moved on to the important public function of making shit up.

No, I don’t mean Fox News. I’m referring to Showtime’s new presidential election reality TV show, in which 12 “candidates” will pretend to run for president. What could read more

Reagan Redux

June 6, 2004

Also published at http://www.alternet.org and http://www.opednews.com and http://www.democraticunderground.com

Ronald Reagan had the birth of a deity. Within 20 minutes of his inauguration, Iran freed the hostages that wimpy Jimmy Carter had been unable to rescue. I was 11 years old at the time and impressed but baffled. How had he done it?

No one seemed to know or very much care. Apparently the Iranians had wanted to make a statement about how much they disliked Carter, and we didn’t read more

Labor Media Could Learn From Black Media

June 3, 2004

Also published at http://www.blackcommentator.com

Few would dispute that the corporate media do a better job of persuading their consumers to support corporate policies than the labor media do of persuading their readers to support political policies and politicians that benefit workers.

Of course, few have any idea what I even mean by “the labor media.” Unlike what was meant by that phrase 75 years ago in the United States or what is meant by it today in Sweden, I mean read more

Dennis Was Right, Is Right, and Shall Be Right

May 27, 2004

Also published at http://www.opednews.com

Dennis Kucinich said what the media would not condone: We must not go into Iraq. Dennis said what the media would not stand for: We must get out of Iraq. Dennis said that this position was not just ethical but necessary for the Democrats to win the White House.

Now he says: “It was wrong to go in. It is wrong to stay in.” And more and more people , including even some members of the media, are beginning to give this position a little read more

Vote Your Greed

May 17, 2004
I’m a Democrat, and I have often heard Democrats accuse Republicans of being selfish. In this year’s election, I think we will be better off if most Republicans become a lot more selfish than they have been.

read more