NATO Interrupted

Wednesday morning an event was held in a building overlooking Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., at an organization called the Center for European Policy Analysis, which is funded by: FireEye, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Bell Helicopters, BAE systems, the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, National Endowment for Democracy, the U.S. Mission to NATO, and NATO’s own Public Diplomacy Division.

Participating in the event were several foreign ministers from NATO nations, ambassadors to NATO, and U.S. read more

NATO Joins List of Wonders No-Longer Obsolete

NATO, you’ll be pleased to hear, according to Donald Trump, is no longer obsolete. This quality, of having become obsolete and then having mysteriously ceased to be obsolete puts NATO in some outstanding company.

The Cold War was obsolete. Not any more.

Remember when torture was obsolete? It’s easy to remember but still somehow hard to imagine, so thorough has its revitalization been.

The Ku Klux Klan has been obsolete at least a couple of times in U.S. history. Somehow it’s just read more

Putin Claims to Have Sabotaged Mueller Report

By Дэвид Свонсон

1 April 2019, Moscow — In an interview broadcast Sunday evening on Russian television, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to have sabotaged the work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In a wide-ranging three-hour monologue, Putin touched on topics ranging from the Olympics to vodka before launching into a lengthy description of his alleged ability to control the decisions of both President Donald Trump and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Putin claimed, without read more

Trump & Congress Love NATO, We Love Peace

​​The head of NATO is visiting the White House and Congress next week to be publicly praised by the U.S. President and both big political parties. For more on how they love NATO, keep reading.

The foreign ministers of the NATO nations are meeting at the State Department on April 4th.

We’re planning to unwelcome them, and to throw a party for peace and for the nonviolent activist, racial-justice, economic-justice, and peace vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: No read more

If You Want to Be President, Show Us Your Budget

Trump wants to leave 31% of discretionary spending for all things non-military, while Bernie wants to move some unspecified amount of money from militarism to human needs, and Elizabeth Warren believes a budget is a statement of values.

Yet, to the best of my knowledge, no presidential candidate has now or within living memory ever produced a proposed federal budget, or ever been asked in any debate or interview, to even approximate — give or take $100 billion — what they’d like read more

The Roots of Russiagate in Aaron Burr’s “Treason”

The progressive liberal Democratic-Republican hero was supposed to be handed the presidency in 1800, and instead there was a tie.

Somebody was going to have to pay. And the proper payment would be a charge of treason.

We know that Thomas Jefferson was a progressive liberal because he said really nice things. He also enslaved and whipped and raped. He invented claims of white racist superiority to prove that all men were not created equal — claims that inspire fascist visitors to Charlottesville read more